Overview of the project

   The plan to transform the rooftop photovoltaic (PV) market in Puerto Rico strives to create not only a standardized framework for PV deployment, but also streamlined: organized, lean permitting and interconnection processes where most residential and small commercial PV systems can be installed safely and quickly. Puerto Rico has regulations and requirements that limit our ability to adopt the expedited permitting recommendations proposed by Solar ABCs and the Network for New Energy Choices. It is the intent of this project to identify, analyze and provide best practices that overcome these obstacles. The final deliverable will be a holistic framework that ensures process predictability and standardization while dealing with rooftop PV market barriers. The plan may impact all of Puerto Rico and bolster the incipient PV market in the Island.

Obstacles Key Actions of the Project
Fragmented policy and regulatory environment Develop a holistic framework: integrate information, permit and interconnection processes online
Restrictive interconnection & net metering Review current processes and establish best practices. 
Limited financing mechanisms Provide new financing options other than self-financing
Undefined siting options Create a favorable environment for PV siting